What is our delivery time?

Current average delivery time is 1-2 weeks depending on location

What is Kiln Dried Firewood?

Those who have experienced firewood that is ‘kiln dried’ understand it as the finest grade of finished firewood energy. This wood has been treated in a dehumidifying heating apparatus called a ‘kiln’. A firewood kiln dries wet wood (green, seasoned) to dry wood (kiln dried) allowing it to burn hotter, brighter, cleaner and longer. Hardwood Bros kiln dried carries a USDA/APHIS certification qualifying them all as disease, pest mold, and mildew free. Best of all our kiln dried is so clean and easy to light… it really is the perfect fire experience.

Is kiln-dried firewood better than seasoned firewood?

Of course. Kiln-dried firewood burns 35% more efficiently than “green” or “seasoned” wood allowing you to burn less wood and get more fire. The kiln treatment process breaks the composition of the firewood material protecting them from moisture penetration… forever.

A major benefit of kiln-dried firewood is that the drying process kills all disease and pests.

What kind of wood do you use in your kiln-dried firewood?

Hardwoods ONLY.

Northeast hardwood species blend; Ash, beech, hickory, maple, cherry

Where does your kiln-dried firewood come from?

Our ability to produce industry leading KD firewood relies on diligence and perfection in every stage of our process. From forest to burning apparatus, our standards exceed that of any regional competitor. The procurement process begins in the Northeastern forest where small diameter logs are inspected by foresters then harvested by loggers to be moved to our manufacturing facilities. Native arbor is all northeast hardwoods in different species including; ash, beech, hickory, maple, cherry

Small diameter logs are then processed and cut to 16” length and then triple split to achieve ideal width dimensions.

Split hardwoods are then moved into our kilns where they endure a 48 hour forced hot air treatment (longest heat treatment in industry) wicking the moisture content down to our guaranteed 8%-18% through the core. All wood is tested with moisture readers.

Firewood is then again handsorted where all substandard waste material is discarded.

The aforementioned process allows us to produce the cleanest, driest, hottest burning firewood in industry.

Delivery FAQs
How long will it take before my firewood is delivered?

We typically deliver your firewood within 5-10 business days of placing the order, depending on the season. If you are in a rush please call us ASAP and we will do out best to accommodate your rush delivery.

Do I need to be home when my firewood is delivered?

You do not need to be there if the area we’re dumping the firewood or stacking it outside your home. When we scheduled your delivery, we’ll ask you where you’d like the firewood placed.

How do you stack firewood when you deliver it?

We can stack your firewood anywhere you desire (no stairs) for a flat fee of $60 per Face Cord.

Can I store firewood inside my house?

All our forest products are USDA certified meaning they are disease, pest, mold, mildew free. Safe to store indoors around pets and children.

How long does it usually take you to stack a delivery?

It is difficult to assume how long each delivery takes due to dynamics and complexity of customer location and personal needs. The sheer mass of the material coupled with our diligent and careful delivery standards assumes average order speed 30-60 mins

If I’m not having my firewood stacked, where will it be dumped?

Before delivery, we’ll ask you where you’d like us to dump your firewood. We strongly recommend that you have the firewood dumped on a paved surface to keep it clean and dry.

How large is the firewood delivery truck? Will it fit in my driveway?

We have equipment to satisfy all demands of a specific location. Our sales and distribution team will consider the challenges of each location and determine the best method/modus.