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The widest variety of Kiln-Dried Firewood.

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Rapidly becoming the most renowned culinary grade hardwoods in the Northeast.

Premium kiln-drying firewood process

  • USDA certified kiln dried firewood

    Our firewood is guaranteed disease, pest, mold and mildew free.

  • Guaranteed 8%-18% moisture content through the core

  • 16” cut length, 3”x 3” - 4”x 4” outside dimensions

  • 48 Hour forced hot air treatment at sustained temps exceeding 5X regulatory standards

  • Burn 35% more efficient than the inferior: ‘green’ ‘seasoned’ or ‘solar kiln-dried’

Culinary Firewood

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Based on 30 reviews
Andrea Asnes
Andrea Asnes
October 19, 2022.
This was such a wonderful delivery of an excellent product. Chris and Leno, the delivery dream team, were fantastic and I cannot recommend this company enough. I will absolutely use them again.
alina apteker
alina apteker
January 31, 2022.
great people, wood burns beautifully
Bill LePera
Bill LePera
January 29, 2022.
Highly recommended, excellent customer service, great product. I ordered a face-cord of mixed hardwood in November, but had a lot of trouble using it in our wood stove: lots of smoke and smoldering. Not having bought from them before, I thought the wood might be green and emailed the company. Got a response the next day from Casey offering to send someone out with a meter and additional wood to rectify the problem. I checked with my own meter and found the wood was perfect, most pieces below 9% moisture. Problem was in my stove and flue; fixed and now the wood burns beautifully. Kudos to them for offering to fix a problem that wasn't there's to begin with. I will definitely be ordering from them again.
Andrew Chapman
Andrew Chapman
January 28, 2022.
I purchased the regular hardwood blend. It is an absolutely exceptional product. I’m just heating my home with a wood stove, but with this wood, I am no longer a slave to the wood pile. It really does burn efficiently, leaving very little ash. It was easy to place my order, and it was followed up by good customer service. In a time where most businesses are charging more and more and giving you less and less, it is very refreshing to be pleasantly surprised by Hardwood Brothers and their products & services.
Nicholas Bromley
Nicholas Bromley
December 18, 2021.
Called before I ordered to make sure the firewood would be at my home in Sullivan County before Xmas. Mark promised that it would, even if he had to load up his own car and bring it himself. The half-cord arrived 3 business days later, and it's by far the best wood I've ever burned. My wood stove starts first time, every time, and I'm using far fewer logs than ever given the low moisture content. In case you're wondering of this firewood is worth it... it is.
Natalie Valdes
Natalie Valdes
September 7, 2021.
I can't express how much the Hardwood Bros team SAVED MY WEDDING! I last minute had to get tons of firewood and they made it happen within minutes. The customer service is so on point and they found a way to make it work for us. I cannot recommend them enough. Will definitely be using their services for any future events!
Raja Harb
Raja Harb
August 17, 2021.
great customer service. everyone was super helpful and responsive. v high quality product as well.
Josephine Cioffi
Josephine Cioffi
July 22, 2021.
This is my first time ordering wood for my wood burning pizza ovens. I decided to call and get information, Gino was so informative and made the perfect suggestions on what I needed to buy. My order was delivered quickly and it was exactly what I needed to cook the perfect pizza. The delivery guys were also very professional. I can’t wait to order again.
Paul Barberi
Paul Barberi
June 12, 2021.
I could not have been more happy with my recent experience with Hardwood Bros. It's clear that Mark, one of the owners, not only cares about his company providing a great product and service to their customers, but equally cares about making sure his employees are treated right and taken care of. From the owners to the delivery guys, first class all around. I only wish my demand for wood was higher so I could deal with them more often.

Why Us?

Hardwood Bros is proud to produce and deliver the best USDA Kiln-Dried firewood material in the world today. The firewood we produce powers the ovens, smokers and stoves of scores of wood fired restaurants, bakeries and BBQ joints across the Tri-State region. These chefs attest to the quality of our product and the results they deliver.

Hardwood Bros is dedicated to provide unparalleled quality. Whether its a cord of our firewood stacked in your yard or a small box delivered through the mail – you will be enjoying the ‘burn’ of the best firewood mother nature can produce.



kiln dried firewood can last for several years if it is stored properly. However, the exact shelf life will depend on the humidity and moisture levels in the storage area, as well as the type of wood. Hardwoods, such as oak and maple, tend to have a longer shelf life than softer woods.

Yes, kiln dried firewood can be used in a fire pit. However, it is important to follow all local fire regulations and use caution when starting and maintaining a fire in a fire pit. Kiln dried firewood is a good choice for use in a fire pit because it burns cleanly and produces less smoke and creosote than other types of firewood.

Before using kiln dried firewood, it is important to make sure that your fireplace or wood stove is clean and in good working order. This includes cleaning out any ashes or debris, checking the flue and damper to ensure they are functioning properly, and making sure the hearth is clear of any obstacles.

Chef Testimonials

“For a wood fired pizzeria, wood is one of our most often overlooked, but important ingredients. Hardwood Bros. wood is consistently super dry, and they offer us the service of customizing the size of pieces we want, which gives us more control over our fire. Scheduled delivery is always timely. They’re awesome to work with!”

“The wood is totally absurd, best I’ve ever used. Immediately switched distributors after cooking with a sample order that was dropped off and was hooked. No comparison.”

“I gotta let you guys know that it has been a long time since I have been burned… which is a good thing. The specialized species combinations enable total control of both flame and coals. I have not been able to swing a fire hundreds of degrees while maintaining consistency until I teamed up with you guys. It has been awesome.”

“When the restaurant is rocking on a Friday night I can only be confident when I use the hardwood bros mixes.”

“Yea I am a big cherry guy but honestly I can smoke with all of your wood.”

“Your product is superior to any I have used. I use yours right now and also the other company I have been using for 12 years but I have slowly been weaning them out because their product just isn’t up to yours. I just have used them for so long I gave them a chance to compete and they aren’t able to provide the same or even close quality you do.”