The preference of those needing a smaller diameter or a finer cut of wood. Pizza Fine is made of the same renowned three species combination of Ash, Beech and Hard Maple strands that light up a hot and clean Pizza flame. Mindful of cooking styles, kitchen dynamics etc. this cut is more consistent when controlling blazing hot temps between 800-1100 degrees. Born considering; temp control, flame regulation, coaling actions, oven conditionings and styles this cut requires a gentler feel when feeding the fire.

Primary Uses: Domes, Traditional, Neapolitan, Residential Brick, Rotating, Mobile, Gas Assist- Ovens
Pizza Mix Fine Cut Firewood

Primary Uses:

  • Domes

  • Traditional

  • Neapolitan

  • Residential Brick

  • Rotating

  • Mobile

  • Gas Assist- Ovens

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